Joe Bliven

By Mary Shelley

March 1st, 2018

Mary Shelly started writing this book when she was 18 it was published 2 years later. This novel has some very beautifully written passages for an author with so little experience writing. The story is exciting and the characters, excluding the protagonist, are all well invented and interesting characters. Unfortunately the book revolves around a protagonist who is unbearable in his thoughts and actions. The story is told in the third person but the thoughts and agonies of Frankenstein are described in too much depth and with too much attention. I found the story and the secondary characters gripping but just as the story would find it's groove it would all be interrupted by Frankenstein's moping and self pity. It felt like nearly half the book could be distilled down to poetically described vistas (most of which the author may have visited during the time she wrote the novel) and then the assurance that even seeing such a beautiful landscapes and scenery could not pull Frankenstein out of his pit of despair. The contrast is nice, but not when the formula seemed to repeat itself every few pages. There are many really fantastic and exciting sections of this book that may make the book worth reading but I wouldn't recommend it unless you are willing to wade through a lot of wining from the main character.