Joe Bliven

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2024-06-16 Brandon Bliven says:

Sorry I ate your cereal.

2023-05-22 Me, a person says:

u absolute sleuth

2023-03-09 Luke says:

came here because of your code, so i wanted to drop by and say hi ! much love to you and your fam !

2022-06-30 Elena and Evalyn says:

This website makes it way easier to get photos on our phones :D

2022-06-21 qi says:

I eat ass

2022-01-19 James says:

Hi Joe! I'm learning about HTML and CSS so I thought I'd drop by your website and take a peek at your code ;)

2020-04-28 James says:

Congratulations Joe!! On the new house and especially on the new baby! Holy shit!

2019-01-15 Joe Again says:

I am writing this from LibreBertha. Hello Joe's website!

2019-01-10 Test Boy says:

I'm a very good test! Hello!

2019-01-09 Joe Bliven says:

Hi Joe! I'm you! I hope the web programming is going well! It's 1/9/19! (one-nine one-nine!)