Joe Bliven

Hyperbole and a Half
By Allie Brosh


June 20th, 2020

I didn't intend to stay up all night reading this book from cover to cover but the book had its own plans. If this book had 1 million pages I would still probably be in bed reading this as my muscles atrophied and my stomach ate itself. Luckily for me this book showed me some mercy and was finished within 400 pages. A part of me wishes I could have given the rest of my life to this book. I laughed so hard I cried at several points in the book. In some sections I had to put the book down to laugh for a while, once I regained my composure I would slowly lift the book back in front of my face but crack as soon as I saw the page that had caused the laughter. The writing is funny and insightful but the illustrations really drive the humor home. She draws dogs so well, not like anatomically but evocatively. Good book.